Fiona Dixon

Fiona Dixon



BSc in Psychology from Queens University, Belfast.
Primary PGCE from Northumbria University, Newcastle.

10 years' experience

I grew up in Northern Ireland. I started my career in Education as a Teaching Assistant, which sparked my interest in special educational needs. After completing my PGCE and teaching as a mainstream classroom teacher, I moved into the field of SEN. I have worked as an advisory teacher for children with Autism and a learning support teacher for children with a range of learning needs in mainstream schools. My passion is to provide opportunities for all students to realise their full potential, helping them overcome barriers to ensure they achieve. I am excited for starting something new, creating an inclusive, supportive nurturing learning environment. I am looking forward to encountering new challenges for myself and supporting our students to overcome their own learning challenges, through fun, exciting learning experiences, instilling a love for learning in all students.