At United School International we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment, as well helping our students to play their part in looking after the planet they are growing up in. We know that much of the change needed across the globe in this area is being driven by young people and it is vital that we teach our students about the important role they can play in looking after our environment.

Our Building

United School International has been designed with sustainability and efficient energy use in mind.

  • The lighting in our corridors and learning spaces is automated, with motion detectors, so lights do not remain switched on when the space is not being used.
  • Our air conditioning is supplied by Qatar Cool, a company with a commitment to sustainable energy use.
  • The AC can also be controlled independently in each room, so only the rooms that are in regular use need to be cooled.
  • We have water fountains throughout the school with a piped drinking water supply, which results in a major reduction in the use of plastic bottles.
  • Our windows are set in from the facade of the building, reducing the amount of direct sunlight coming into classrooms, which keeps the rooms cooler.
  • Our school canteen uses recyclable packaging.
  • We are encouraging our parents to turn off their car engines whilst waiting to collect their children from school.
  • Our website is hosted by Servd, a company with a data centre that uses 100% renewable energy.

Sustainability Initiatives for our Students

  • Our After School Activities programme includes Sustainable Fashion Club, Environmental Club and Gardening Club.
  • We are working with DEAP Qatar to arrange opportunities for our students to participate in beach cleanups.
  • Following last year's inspirational visit to USI from Dr Jane Goodall, we are planning a sustainability-focussed Roots & Shoots programme for our Secondary School students.

Sustainable Fashion After School Club

Our After School Activities Programme includes the Sustainable Fashion Club, where our students are learning how to make clothing from recycled materials and donated clothes and other textiles.

Trashion Show Collaboration with Lulu Mall

To coincide with Qatar Sustainability Week, USI students from Years 5, 6 and Secondary and collaborated with Lulu Mall in a group challenge to create and assemble garments with accessories made from recycled materials -‘Trashion’ fashion, in order to promote sustainable living. Well done to all of our participating students - we have some fine fashion designers in the making!