The Pearl is Doha's most prestigious place to live, the perfect place to unwind after a busy day

Built on one of Qatar's major historic pearl diving sites, The Pearl is said to resemble a string of pearls as it stretches out into the ocean. 

As the only school located on The Pearl, we are delighted to be able to offer accommodation to our staff in Medina Centrale, the vibrant heart of the island.  Medina Centrale precinct is inspired by the ambience of the Mediterranean with a mix of plazas, gardens, terraces and a piazza which bring together the unique qualities and charm of the island.  The precinct regularly comes alive with celebrations andevents as it turns into a pedestrian-only area on winterweekends. It provides its residents with a wide variety oflifestyle activities, all within walking distance.  With shops, cafes, restaurants and a cinema, we are confident that you will enjoy life on The Pearl.