USI has partnered with several external providers to offer students a range of extra-curricular activities.

Currently, these activities are only available to USI students, but we hope to be able to welcome students from other schools soon.

Improtech Soccer Academy

Experience and research combine to give Improtech Soccer an unrivalled reputation for delivering high-calibre Education with Football programmes.

Improtech's highly-trained professional coaching staff are positioned at the cutting-edge of football evolution, and bring with them the very best innovation and technical development knowledge.

Educated by the English FA and UEFA, each coach is fully-equipped to enable the maximum development of each child.

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2.10pm - 3.10pm

3.30pm - 4.30pm


Years 1, 2, 3

Years 6, 7


Years 7, 8, 9

Years 3, 4, 5


Years 4, 5, 6

Years 1, 2


Years 1, 2, 3

Years 7, 8, 9


Years 4, 5, 6

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Hamilton Aquatics

Learn to Swim

Hamilton Aquatics' learn to swim programme has been carefully designed to ensure your child develops into a safe and confident swimmer, whilst enjoying the water and having fun. All swimming skills and stroke techniques are taught progressively over 8 learning levels.


The Squads Programme has a technical based learning environment, that works on key skills for long-term development. A structure in line with LTAD that allows progression for swimmers of all ages, abilities and commitment levels to support with their goals.

For more information email, visit the website, or call
+974 3357 8890

Rebel Angels

At Rebel Angel's state-of-the-art Sports Academy, you will find more than a training facility. You will find clean, modern equipment and world-class instructors that will help your child's development in Gymnastics, Parkour and Acrobatics without sacrificing any of the fun.

With a positive flow and culture, Rebel Angels aim to provide the best, safe environment for your children’s learning and growth. They provide thoroughly tailored recreational sports programs, which inspire the spirit and encourage your child to choose an active lifestyle now and in the future.

For more details, visit or call +974 3355 9983 / +974 5577 9983

SAVS Fitness

SAVS Sports & Fitness provides onsite training at schools, clubs and societies. They offer world-class facilities for meeting your needs using effective and natural methods. They currently have 4 permanent trainers and 6 guest coaches/trainers to provide the best results.

SAVS Fitness are currently offering MMA and Hockey sessions for USI Students.

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Evolution Sports

Evolution Sports are running USI's basketball programme for ages 3-14.

Since opening in 2007, with loads of enthusiasm and just a few worn footballs, Evo Sports has grown into the largest multi-sport coaching organisation in Qatar. Their team shares a passion for everything positive in sport. They believe in being inclusive and helping people to achieve whatever they want from getting involved, whether it’s professional coaching, team sports, getting fit, making friends, holiday sports camps or just a bit of fun.

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Sophie McDonald Dance Company

Sophie McDonald Dance Company (SMDC) is offering Hip Hop classes for Early Years and Primary Students at USI.

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Margarita Bologan Ballet

Professional ballet dancer Margarita is offering ballet classes for Early Years and Primary Students at USI.

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