At USI our students' voices are extremely important - so we have created a Student Leadership Team to represent the school, and to have a say in the running of the school from the students' perspective.

Student Leadership Team Members

Primary School Head Boy and Girl

Head Boy – Frederick Ormerod

“I wanted to challenge myself when applying as well as wanting to be a good role model to all.”

Head Girl – Sophia Aljarabah

“I wanted to prove that anyone can do anything when they set their mind to it and to believe in themselves.”

Primary School Deputy Head Boy and Girl

Deputy Head Boy - Jaime Leon

"I wanted to deputy head boy to assist in making the school a better community. I wanted to be involved in the changes that would be made. I always wanted to help engage the students more".

Deputy Head Girl - Layla Al Thani

"I wanted to assist with making changes for the better. I feel like I am a strong leader who can make a difference especially to benefit the children at USI".

Secondary School Head Boy and Girl

Head Boy – Hashem Allababidi

“I wanted to be part of the student leadership as I think that I could help build bonds throughout people in the school and make it a better place to learn.”

Head Girl – Christine Derosche

“I want to make a difference for the students at USI to build our community.”

Secondary School Deputy and Assistant Leadership

Deputy Head Boy – Ben Bortnick

“My ambition as deputy head boy links to all aspects of school life. My goal is to make our school a community and home to all.”

Assistant Head Girl – Maria Yonis

“I wanted to be an assistant head because it would help me learn how to lead in schools and let me make a big difference for students and the school's success. It's a chance to support the principal, work with teachers, and help make the school a better place for everyone.”

Assistant Head Girl – Salwa Shehzad

“I'm passionate about fostering a positive and inclusive school environment. I believe in the power of student leadership to enact meaningful change and support my peers in reaching their full potential. I am dedicated to contributing my skills and enthusiasm to enhance the educational experience for all students.”

Assistant Head Girl – Leya Shaaban

“I have always been involved in student politics and school community life as I believe we should add value however way we can in making our school a compassionate vibrant community, working as a team and with the school to continuously making it better. As Assistant Head, with my experience, I believe I have the knowledge to help achieve that goal. I chose compassion as the most important value as I believe it to be the gateway to all our other school values.”

Student Committee Leaders

Community & Events – Ali Hussein Fakhri

“I wanted to be Head of community and events to deliver students greatness and to place trust in people who represent them.”

Digital Technology – Cesar Pharaon

“I wanted to be the leader of the digital tech committee because: I am creative: I am an artist, I’m a musician and I also take DT classes. I’m also resilient, confident and being open push me to help others become the best of themselves and improve the school overall.”

Environmental – Isabella Mayorga

“I applied for this position because for me it is really important to be able to show my ideas and lead them so people can try and make a changes to the environment at USI.”

Sports – Yaqoub Qiblawy

“I wanted to be the head of the sports committee to speak up for the people who are too shy to speak and to make a difference in our school, and student voice specifically in sports.”

Wellbeing – Blanca Leon

“I wanted to be a part of the student council to help students connect with teachers and listen to their ideas to improve our school.”