Along with other schools in the Orbital Education Group, our students will follow an enhanced British Curriculum which blends the English National Curriculum with the cultures and norms of the local market

The curriculum is well balanced, providing time for academic work as well as music, drama and sports.

Our teaching approach has the flexibility and adaptability to underpin a sound academic English language education, which prepares students to move from Primary into Secondary school and to follow on to prestigious universities worldwide building success in their professional and personal lives.

In line with Qatar’s National Vision 2030, our curriculum encourages analytical and critical thinking, as well as creativity and innovation. It promotes social cohesion and respect for Qatari society’s values and heritage, and builds a truly international community built on tolerance and understanding.

Every student in all areas of the school has personalised targets determined from baseline assessments. There is regular monitoring, assessment and reporting to parents on the academic and pastoral progress of each student.


Early Years – Ages 3-5

When we say that life starts at USI, The Pearl, we mean it. That journey begins from reception at age 3 in the Primary School. Younger students follow an academically ambitious programme of learning where our teachers create an environment that enables them to actively discover new skills, knowledge and understanding.

We develop internationally minded young people with an understanding of their responsibility to each other and the wider community. In short, the perfect platform for the future.

We plan an exciting and challenging curriculum based on our observation of children’s needs, interests and stages of development across seven areas of learning to enable the children to achieve and exceed the early learning goals.

All the seven areas of learning and development are important and inter-connected.Three areas are particularly crucial for igniting children's curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, and for building their capacity to learn, form relationships and thrive.

These three areas are the prime areas:

• Communication and Language

• Physical Development

• Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Children are also supported through the four specific areas, through which the three prime areas are strengthened and applied.

The specific areas are:

• Literacy

• Mathematics

• Understanding the World

• Expressive Arts and Design

Children are provided with a range of rich, meaningful first-hand experiences in which they explore, think creatively and are active. We aim to develop and foster positive attitudes towards learning, confidence, communication and physical development.

Parents are involved at every stage, and are regularly updated on their child's progress. The Nursery and Early Years Department works very closely with the school's Primary Department, to ensure our students have a seamless transition into the primary classes.

Primary - Key Stage 1 – Ages 5-7

The priority within our Year 1 and 2 classes is to ensure that each student’s experiences of school are happy and exciting. Students are encouraged to develop their creative and physical talents, to think independently, and to actively solve problems using their own invention and imagination.

Academic achievement is highly valued, and secure foundations are laid in literacy, numeracy, science and information communication technology (ICT). The school emphasises the importance of traditional educational standards, and basics such as reading and number work are a standard feature of the school day. Students are introduced to specialist teaching in language, physical education and music. A variety of assessment and monitoring of the students' development continues throughout their time in KS1.

Click here to view the Key Stage 1 Curriculum Overview

Primary - Key Stage 2 – Ages 7-11

The sound academic grounding laid down in Key Stage 1 acts as a springboard for further development through school. 

In years 3 to 6, the school curriculum is designed to allow students to realise their full potential. The curriculum is structured to ensure each student is stretched, challenged and supported when necessary. Our students’ progress is closely monitored at all stages using a variety of internal assessments.

At Key Stage 2, core subjects continue to be literacy and numeracy, but as students’ progress through the primary school, they receive increasing levels of specialist teaching in subjects such as languages including Arabic, science, information communication technology, art, music and physical education.

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Secondary - Key Stage 3 – Ages 11-14

As our students enter Secondary school in years 7 to 9 they will continue to follow a modified version of the English National Curriculum that meets the needs of our international student body here in Doha. 

Students will develop subject skills, knowledge and understanding, which will lead to success at Key Stage 4 to complete International GCSE courses.

Every student in all areas of the School has personalised targets determined from baseline assessments. As in the Primary School, there is regular monitoring, assessments and reporting to parents on the academic and pastoral progress of each student.

Click here to view the Key Stage 3 Curriculum Overview

Secondary - Key Stage 4 (IGCSE) – Ages 14-16

In Key Stage 4 (Years 10 to 11), students work towards their IGCSE course which provides a rigourous academic education taught by highly qualified, knowledgeable and inspiring teachers through lively, active lessons. Students are challenged to think for themselves and to develop their minds independently. In the Senior School we pride ourselves on working closely with families and students to ensure that all children have high academic aspirations and achieve the success needed to ensure they can enter the foremost universities world-wide.

At all times the curriculum at USI, The Pearl will seek to challenge, enthuse, and interest our students. We believe that the curriculum subjects have the power to fascinate young people. Lesson content will be up to date, based on the latest discoveries and understanding in each field. The stories behind the knowledge will be explored and subjects brought to life to capture every student's imagination. We aim to engender students who have a passion for the subjects that they study and are motivated to learn through this passion.

Sixth Form – Key Stage 5 – Ages 16-18

In Years 12 to 13 students will follow the A level programme. 

Our A level programme will be closely aligned with the aims of USI, The Pearl, with its emphasis on developing inquiring, internationally minded, caring young people. The rigour and breadth provided by the programme, the critical thinking and research skills that it develops, mean that the programme is recognised by the best universities in the world.

Through our curriculum we aim to develop an enthusiasm for learning in all of our students as they are challenged to develop their ideas and push their thinking further beyond classroom study. We want students to enjoy learning and develop a genuine passion for the subjects they study gaining entry into prestigious universities worldwide.