As an international school with a British curriculum, most of our teachers are British and the language of instruction is English. With more than 1200 students at the school, and 40 native languages spoken at home, around 90% of students are learning English as an additional language. The objectives of our EAL team include to maintain self-esteem and confidence within EAL students by acknowledging their skills in their own languages.

Our EAL Programme at United School International is based upon the Bell Foundation framework. It helps students overcome language barriers and succeed academically. The programme is designed to provide individualised support to students at a beginners level, who are learning English as an additional language. Our experienced team of specialist EAL teachers use a variety of strategies to help students build their language skills and confidence, working alongside class teachers in every year group.

Personalised Support

Our EAL language study programme provides personalised support to each student based on their language proficiency and learning needs. We offer one-to-one and small group instruction to help students develop their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Our teachers also provide support for all other content areas in the curriculum.

Engaging Activities

We believe that learning should be engaging and fun. Our EAL program offers a variety of activities to help students practice their language skills in a meaningful way. From group discussions to project-based learning, our teachers use a range of activities to keep students motivated and engaged.

Building Confidence

Learning a new language can be challenging, but our EAL programme is designed to help students build their confidence. We provide a supportive environment where students feel comfortable taking risks and making mistakes. Our teachers offer positive feedback and encouragement to help students feel more confident in their language abilities.

Success Stories

Our EAL programme has helped many students succeed academically and achieve their goals. Beginning with small steps and promoting use of our 40+ home languages at USI, we are proud to see that our bespoke skills and techniques have enabled our students to improve their grades, enabling them to prepare for further studies at top universities. We are proud of our students and the hard work they put into their language learning.

Parent Support

There are many ways you can support your child at home - this can be done by encouraging them and showing interest in what they are learning. It’s important to remember that mistakes are OK and they help us learn, as long as we remain open to improving. High attendance and not missing out on school is also an important factor that contributes to the success of students at school, and the success of picking up a new language such as English.

Please feel free to reach out to our EAL team if you have any further questions:

EAL Team at USI