On 25th April, a group of students from Years 7 to 9 treated us to a performance of a very scary play...

The story of 'Scary Play' originated as a rewritten adaptation of playwright Judith Johnson's same-titled play.

The play was adapted into a performance about 5 pre-teens who attend a sleepover and bravely go on an adventure to a haunted house, which unknowing to the kids is retirement home. The old people in the home are often interrupted weekly by multiple children who think it is a haunted house. The old people set up a plan to prank the kids by dressing up as zombies and various creepy creatures, based on each child’s greatest fear - expressing that ‘if it’s a haunted house they want, it’s a haunted house they'll get’. The performance explores issues regarding friendship and family relations through the genre of a comedic 'horror' story.

All participating students were specially selected to participate, due to their amazing contribution to drama lessons. Despite many obstacles, their willingness and drive to persevere led to the creation of an outstanding play, enjoyed by friends and family.


Duru Yilmaz- Mal
Alex Estaben- Kal

Sleepover Kids

Artur Zagajewski
Korina Cacic
Manoella Costa
Anna Deeter

Old People / Ensemble

Nola Tunji-Sanusi
Martina Bordalo
Luna Engmann Giraldes
Jannah Swisher
Anna Deeter
Adam Oud Kaci
Paula Gomez Fabila
Sophia Welti
Diogo Frederico
Emiliya Fiskova


Drew Bortnick
Moses Carty