Niamh Kuncaitis

Niamh Kuncaitis

Year 1 Teacher


BA Honors Degree in Education from Trinity College Dublin.

5 years' experience

I attended the Marino Institute of Education (sister school of Trinity College Dublin) for 4 years to obtain my Bachelors in Education degree. After some years teaching at home, I decided that I wanted to teach overseas, so in 2019 I moved to Doha. I have worked in Qatar for 3 years and have worked recently as a year group leader. I believe in creating a child-centered classroom where all activities and learning are based on the needs of the student, and in a new school we can implement these ideas and have endless opportunities to develop them. I am excited to create a positive learning environment for students, and have students inspired and ready to learn. I have been a part in developing a founding school previously and I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to be a part of this exciting venture again.