We've prepared this short guide to the Early Years admissions process to help you with the next steps after you have submitted your application.

Please watch the videos below to help guide you through the admissions process.

The Admissions Process

The Steps

  • Connection to the Admissions Team
  • Playdate
  • Follow-up (if required)
  • Nursery / school reports
  • Transition
Our Vision

The Importance of Play and Asking Questions

🤝 Strong Relationships – partnership, knowing the child

💬 Interactions – genuine, responsive

💭 Educators – always learning, proactive, experienced

▶️ Learning Through Play – explore, investigate, learn

🧱 Environment – the third teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your potential questions

  • Timings of the Day
  • After School Activities
  • Food
  • Class Sizes and Ratio
  • Teachers
  • Starting School
7.00am - 7.30amEarly drop off
7.30am - 7.45amTeacher and Teaching Assistant in class
7.45am - 8.00amStart of the school day
12.30pmOptional early pick up
1.45pm - 2.00pmEnd of the school day
2.00pm - 3.00pmOptional external activity providers