Language difficulties are often cited as the most critical issue facing students in international schools today.

Settling into a new school can be daunting; imagine how much more challenging it becomes when you don’t understand the language you are being taught in and can’t speak it well enough to make new friends.

With schools located across the globe educating children of more than 100 nationalities, the vast majority of Orbital’s students are second, third or even fourth language English speakers. In order to ensure that every child can succeed, developing an outstanding provision for students with English as an Additional Language (EAL) is essential. In turn, this means that our teachers have to have the best training available to become excellent teachers of those non-native English speakers who attend our schools.

We are proud to have established a relationship with The Bell Foundation to provide Continuing Professional Development training courses, informed by evidence and developed by experts in language education. Our teachers and teaching assistants have embarked upon the Language for Results International training programme to develop their expertise and we are committed to ensuring that all of our schools become fully accredited.

We are committed to delivering outstanding education across the group. With our diverse student body, it is essential that we become experts in adapting our curriculum and our methodology to the linguistic needs of our learners. The partnership with The Bell Foundation ensures that our teachers have access to the very best training in this area.”