We have created this page to include all of the information you need if your child is starting in FS1 or FS2 for the 2023-24 school year.

Class Posters

Your child may like to look at the poster for their class, which includes a picture of the sea animal the class is named after, as well as photos of the Teacher and Teaching Assistant:


FS1A Angelfish
FS1B Coral
FS1C Dugong
FS1D Jellyfish
FS1E Octopus


FS2A Flamingo
FS2B Dolphin
FS2C Lobster
FS2D Seahorse

FS2E Stingray
FS2F Turtle

A message from the USI Inclusion Team

Click here to read a message from USI's Inclusion Team, which includes information about some common issues we sometimes encounter with children starting school for the first time.

Healthy Eating at School

Click here to read some information about healthy eating whilst at school.