Our school canteen provides a healthy and balanced menu that's also very tasty. So our students enjoy their food and feel ready to learn.

Our school canteen provides a varied and healthy menu of hot and cold food, including vegetarian dishes. Parents of children in Early Years and Primary Years 1-3 can pre-order the food online (more information below). Students in Years 4 and above may use their cashless canteen card to choose their own food at the canteen - parents simply top up the balance online or by using an app. All students can bring in their own packed lunch from home, and will eat together with their classmates.

Ordering Canteen Lunches

Our online menu system is provided by Genio.

Shortly after your child is enrolled with USI, Genio will send you an email with instructions on how to set up your online account. Your account can be managed using the Genio app, but currently food orders must be made on the Genio website.

For children in FS1 to Year 3, canteen lunches must be pre-ordered online. If your child is in years 4 and above, they will be issued with a canteen card. If you wish, they can choose their own food from the canteen and pay using their canteen card - parents just need to keep the balance topped up so there are sufficient funds. If you prefer, you can pre-order the food for them.

If you are having any technical problems with the Genio Parent Portal, you can contact Genio directly:

Tel: +974 3364 3038 / +974 6643 9048
Email: shias@anvininfo.com


You will need to send your child to school with a snack to have during morning snack break. If they are staying for After School Acitvities, or if your child is in Early Years and staying until the late pick-up at 2pm, we recommend also sending in a snack for the afternoon. Please note that food cannot be eaten during lesson time.

Suggested food for snacks:

  • Small sandwiches
  • Cubes of cheese
  • Fruit/Veg - apples, carrots etc.
  • Healthy cereal bars
  • Savoury biscuits/crisp breads

Please do NOT send the following:

  • Sweets or chocolate (unless prearranged for a special occasion).
  • Drinks in cans or glass bottles for safety reasons.
  • No NUTS in case of allergies of other children. We are a nut-free school.