Bespoke school uniforms for United School International students.

Our school uniform is supplied by Zaks Uniforms.  

The uniform shop on campus is open in the lead-up to each new term and remains open during the first 2 weeks of term.

The Uniform can also be purchased online. Delivery can be to your home, or to school.

Additional Uniform Guidelines

All students must wear plain black shoes (not trainers) whilst at school, unless taking part in PE or sporting after school activities.

USI backpacks are available to purchase, but are not mandatory. Students may use other bags.

PE trainers must not have black or dark soles which may mark the sports hall floor. Soles should be white, or made from non-marking material.

In spring and autumn, when the weather is warm and sunny but the children can still play outside, we recommend sending them to school with a sun hat or baseball cap.

Hair, Make Up and Jewellery

Students who have long hair are required to have it tied back neatly for school. This prevents potential safety problems during physical activities, painting and play, as well as hygiene issues while they are eating and the prevention of spreading head lice.

Hair colour should be natural, and no mohawks, shaven text or extreme trends are permitted during term time.

Make up is not permitted on students unless we have a school performance and the correct stage make up will be used.

Jewellery is also not to be worn in school as it has the potential of causing injury during sport and during outdoor playtime. Any student who wears jewellery will be asked to remove it and it will be placed in their school bags.

PE and Swimming

Early Years and Primary School students should wear their PE uniform to school on days when they have PE, in order to minimize the amount of time spent changing. Your child's teacher will inform you which days they have PE. Regular uniform should be worn on all other days unless there is a special dress-up day or house event.

Secondary school students should bring their PE uniform and trainers with them on days when they have PE, so they can change for the PE lesson.


On days when students have swimming lessons, they should bring the following items to school with them:

  • Boys: swimming shorts / trunks / swim top (must not be cotton)
  • Girls: Swimming costume (not a two-piece)
  • Goggles - not ones that cover the nose
  • Swimming hat - we do not have hair dryers in the changing rooms therefore, a hat is mandatory
  • A towel
  • Flip flops/ swim shoes. In the event of an emergency, students will need to exit the building as quickly as possible
  • All jewellery and watches must be removed

Ordering Online